Hany Ibrahim - Executive Director

Hany Ibrahim is an Egyptian professional and advocate in human rights, good governance, peace-building, organizational capacity development, project management & evaluation. He holds a Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration from AUC. He has more than Eighteen years of experience, working with national and international organizations such as USAID, EU, CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, and the International Republican Institute (IRI). He is the Award Winner of 2009 Award of the Ten Top People Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics given by Politics online and World E-Democracy Forum due to his online creative activities in the areas of voters’ education, peace building, and anticorruption. He is the founder of El-Mahrousa PDS and the co-founder of Abnaa El-Mahrousa for Development and Participation, an Egyptian NGO dedicated to the promotion of human rights, public freedoms and civic engagement in public decision-making.

Amal ElRawy- Unit Director- International Relations and Business Development

Amal El Rawy holds a Bachelor degree in English literature from Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University class 2011. She focused her early career on Business Management. Then got certified with translation Diploma in legal and UN translation from the American University in Cairo at 2015 and has been working for El Mahrousa PDS since 2017. She provides support in designing developmental projects as well as assisting in research, reporting and proposal writing. She has experience in several development sectors: economic empowerment, civil society development, Migration, entrepreneurship, community development and sustainable development. She is also concerned with Women empowerment and has participated among other researchers in conducting a study on ” Violence against Women in Workplaces” under the project” A Safe and Women-Friendly Work Environment” implemented by Al Mashreq Foundation and supported by UN Trust fund to End Violence against Women.

Manar Othman- International Relations and Business Development Officer

Manar Othman is a graduate of African Leadership Academy (ALA) class 2017 in Johannesburg, South ‎Africa. At ALA, Manar studied entrepreneurship, African Politics and Economics. She also conducted an ‎economic paper on the current economic reforms in Egypt. She has experience in developmental ‎projects as she was also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) student. She ‎made capstones on energy efficiency, renewable electricity and recycling. In addition, she was the CFO ‎of INRECO enterprise that aims to raise awareness about waste management. Manar is keen on ‎creating strong impact that leads to social change and better quality life. She aspires to achieve that ‎through working on the fields of economics and politics that she is eager about. ‎

Iman Abul Fadl - Policy Development Specialist

Iman has been working as a decision support manager at BIDSC for more than 3 years. She has joined El-Mahrousa PDS in May 2018. Her areas of expertise is mainly in data analysis and harnessing economic and social indicators in rationalizing decisions made by top management, allocating services as well as supporting decision makers, moreover board’s membership of governmental projects targeting either profit or social development. She holds a Master of business administration (MBA) from Eslsca Paris business school in Cairo. She has about Eighteen years of experience, working with GUDC, IDSC and international organizations such as USAID. In 2007, she leaded a team who established one of the most 3 developed governmental interactive websites providing services to Egyptian citizens hence she was awarded by the prime minister for performance development in the “the distinguished” championship.

Mai Ali - CSO Program Manager

Mai holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ain Shams University. She participated in several regional and local training programs, including “Economic Advice and Economic Guidance skills”, “Effective Communication and Negotiation” skills and “Advocacy “. She joined EL-Mahrousa PDS team in 2013. She organized and coordinated several projects for EL-Mahrousa PDS, including a “Building and Dialogue” project aimed at assessing media coverage of labor issues in terms of decent working conditions and the demands and expectations of employers in cooperation with the European Union and “Vocational Empowerment and Reducing Unemployment” in cooperation with (IOM) and the “Entrepreneurship Development for Egyptian Labor Returning from Libya” project in cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development.

Yasmine Eldaly- Admin Officer

Yasmine holds a bachelor degree from faculty of Arts-Cairo University class 2008. She has many years of experience in the administrative field and has communication, team work skills. She started working for El Mahrousa PDS since June 2017, some of the tasks she is responsible of the administrative services, including human resources, managing office stock, preparing regular reports (e.g. expenses and office budgets) and organizing PDS records, coordinating all the logistics for the training programs and activities, managing PDS social networks, managing the outreach of the implemented activities and prepare periodical reports of the implemented activities.

Maryana Fahmy- Accountant

She holds a bachelor degree from Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Department- Ain Shams University class 2015. She worked with Adel Roushdy for Accounting and Audit for a year and half; she audited more than 20 companies and worked for at Al-Mashreq for Development and Population an Egyptian NGO for a year, she monitored and submitted the timely monthly, quarterly and year end close reports of donors such as UN Women, UN Trust Fund, and state ministries such as MOSS (Ministry of Social Solidarity). She joined El Mahrousa in April 2018, some of the tasks she is responsible of are, responsible of funds to pay bills and salaries, provide solutions to activities, business and financial problems; Preparing monthly statements, analyzing revenue and resolving accounting discrepancies; Maintaining records of accounts as computer software and manual filing systems.

Amani Abu Tariek- Financial Manager

Amani Abu Tarik holds Bachelor Degree in accounting class 2007. She worked with European Union and under the supervision of the social fund of development, Habitat for humanity, Egypt. And she also worked with Coptic Evangelical organization for social services, CEOSS, Egypt. The financial reports conducted by her were praised by two international and well reputable audit firms BDO.Kaled and KPMG. She has been working for El Mahrousa PDS for since 2011.Some of the tasks she is responsible of are, Develop improvements in the finance system, as necessary. Prepare monthly management reports at the end of each month. Assist any audit undertaken. Ensure that appropriate finance systems are maintained, and that all procedures and controls are implemented.