Consultants team

Ahmed Abo ElMagd

Expert in gender equality, Civil society capacity building and legal aid Ahmed has a bachelor degree in legal studies and developed many studies regarding political participation freedom of opinion and speech and religion.

Abdel Naser Kandil

Expert in institutional capacity building, strategic planning, public participation development,human rights,parliamentary legislation and democratic mobilization. He is the Chairman of the parliamentary committee of Al tagamoaa party.

Ibrahim Shaaban Khatab

Has a Bachelor of Arts from Ain shams University and over 20 years of experience as a training consultant in TOT training, advocacy campaigns, community needs identification, institutional evaluation.

Basma Ibrahim

She holds a Diploma in Business Administration from ASU. Expert in developing capacity building plans for CSOs and in project management of developmental projects and had developed model of policies and procedures manuals and also training guides, research and community studies.

Ahmed Khudir

Bachelor of Political Science from Cairo University, He holds a doctorate in public policy from Public Administration Department , Faculty of Economics and Political Science. Expert in public policies and policy papers. Awarded the best trainer from UNDP in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development.

Maher El Genidy

Expert in support capacities of civil initiatives through developing communication skills, strategic planning skills and planning for lobbying and mobilization campaigns, worked with ILO in training the workers’ rights program and in the capacity building project for trade unions board members.

Ahmed Salah Shabib

Bachelor Degree in laws, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Center for Human Rights. Expert in democracy support, human rights, combating torture and transitional justice. He participated in several projects on political awareness, the integration of marginalized groups in society, political detainees and the prisoners care, has effective communication, creative thinking, time management and decision making skills.

Marwa Nazeer

Assisting Professor of political Science- National Center for Social and Criminal Research (NCSCR).Holds a PhD in Political Sciences from Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences – Cairo University.An experienced researcher, consultant and trainer for several institutions such as: (CCCPA), Egyptian multicultural refugees Council(Tadamon), (IOM, (ILO), Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies(CIHRS).

Mahmoud El Badawy

Bachelor’s degree in Law and diploma from JICA on strengthening the protection mechanisms for the most needy children. Founder of the Egyptian Association for the Assistance of Juveniles and Human Rights, expert for the Ministry of Social Solidarity plan to develop the mechanisms and evaluation criteria of the social care institutions performance,produced many training manuals in promoting children’s rights.

Mona Ali ElDin

Graduated from Political Sciences Alexandria University. More than twelve years working in the human development field in Egypt and MENA region. Expert in Strategic Planning, community needs assessment and community engagement,conducting institutional capacity building workshops in gender mainstreaming, M&E tools, human rights approach, and communication and leadership skills for youth.

Khaled Maarouf

Holds Bachelor of law from ASU. Expert in the field of human rights, development and democracy, responsible for the economic and social rights in the National Council for Human Rights complaints office. Worked as training and capacity building consultant for many local, regional and international organizations such as a ILO, IDEA and MCSD. He has many researches and studies in human rights field.

Gomhoria Abdel Rehim

Holds Bachelor of Law Cairo University 2001 and Diploma of Parliamentary Studies 2004 and Diploma in Civil Society from Faculty of Economics and Political Science 2005, and is the Executive Director of the Foundation “Women for Development”. She has communication skills, time management and crisis management skills. She is also an expert in political participation, local administration and public work.

Ayman Farouk

Bachelor of Law, ASU1999, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram Foundation, Founder of Her Majesty Foundation. Expert in media work and journalist impact on development and human rights, supporting marginalized groups and people with disabilities, the issues of journalists and alternative media, preparing development projects on Freedom of expression, right of political participation and elections monitoring.

Tarek Ahmed Mostafa

Holds Bachelor of Commerce – Cairo University 1994,Post graduate in foundations of education from ASU , works as an accredited lecturer by ILO and lecturer at Workers University since 1995. Expert in TOT, trade union issues, human development. Interested in research in social sciences and human development and has prepared work papers and training manuals in the fields of trade unions and development.

Adel Ghazaly Ahmed

Holds Human Rights Diploma-John Abbott College, Canada. And the director of the International Center for Studies and Consultations. Expert in good governance, gender, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, leadership and guidance, training skills, effective communication skills and political participation, produced many books on women’s political participation, NGO management and conflict management.

Nevin Ayad

Nevin holds Bachelor of the Higher Institute for Cooperative and Administrative Studies. Professional PHD in Mental Health and Family Counseling from Arab British Academy. She holds a diploma in autism and modifying behavior and learning difficulties. Director and owner of Eagle Center for people with Special needs