Promoting Tolerance through Public Business

Promoting Tolerance through Public Business

ELMahrousa PDS implemented a one year project from (01 / 10 / 2011- 30 / 09 / 2012) supported by MEPI: Middle East Partnership Initiative (affiliated to USA State Department) to put an end to sectarian violence in three rural communities by cultivating a culture of peace and promoting tolerance among inhabitants of those three communities (one in Giza, one in Fayoum and one in Minya governorates).
The project trained community leaders, youth leaders, and clerks on the culture of peace and tolerance and how to develop community projects that can bring Muslims and Christians together for the public good. In each community of the three communities two projects have been implemented (one clinic, planting trees, renovating classrooms in five schools, establishing a bus stop, and establishing an embroidery workshop for women). The projects received 50 % of its costs as grant from the ElMahrousa PDS and the other 50 % of its costs were collected from Muslim and Christian members of the communities. The projects had volunteers for realizing the activities. Volunteers represented Muslims and Christians. They worked together in public projects that benefited both of them. They learnt how to be tolerant and cooperative and end their sectarian conflicts.

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