– Promoting Social Dialogue in Textile Sector for Decent Work and Better Labour Standards

– Promoting Social Dialogue in Textile Sector for Decent Work and Better Labour Standards

01/12/2014- 30 / 11 / 2015 Embassy of the Netherlands in Cairo
The project aimed at building the institutional capacities of unions in the textile sector to be engaged in social dialogue with the government and the management in order to improve the productivity of workers and increase social security nets for workers.
The project involved two components for promoting and enhancing social dialogue between and among workers, management and government to come up with policies and practices that increase productivity, ensure workers’ rights, adopt decent work agenda, and ensure industrial peace. The 12-month project has been carried out in three governorates: (1) Gharbya/ El Mahala El Kobra Industrial City, (2) Alexandria/ Borg El Arab Industrial City, and (3) Port Said. The project’s activities included training courses for workers on social dialogue techniques and strategies, orientation and hearing sessions between and among government officials and management of public and private companies, and tripartite social dialogue sessions. The dialogue between the management, the government and the workers has been enhanced and brought more respect among the three parties. The project achieved two specific objectives
Specific Objective # 1: enhance the skills of the leaders of workers’ groups and trade unions and provide them with necessary tools in the industry of textile and ready-made garments to be engaged in constructive social dialogue for betterment of their industry and decent work agenda.
Specific Objective # 2: Promote Tripartite social dialogue within the industry of textile and ready-made garments.

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