Promoting Labour Rights and Decent Work

Promoting Labour Rights and Decent Work

The project was implemented from the period 01 / 03 / 2013 to 31 / 08 / 2015 with the support of The Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) to respond to the workers’ needs and low awareness of labour codes, El-Mahrousa led an initiative “Promoting Labour Rights and Advocating Freedom of Association”. The initiative aimed to capitalize on the release of energy generated by political and social change through working closely with trade unionists, human rights activists, and private and public employers to effectively advocate for workers’ rights. In particular, with the overall goal of creating an enabled environment for labour rights and freedom of association in Egypt, three specific objectives: (1) Building capacities of workers’ groups and human rights activists to be able to represent and advocate for better working conditions; (2) building a network of local trade unions and human rights organizations to lead campaigns advocating labour rights and freedom of association; and (3) promoting labour standards and code of ethics among employees and employers. The project led successfully three advocacy campaigns on (1) fair wages; (2) decent working conditions (highlighting safety and quality issue, and applications of women rights in labor laws); and (3) freedom of association. The initiative has been implemented in 12 governorates: (1) Cairo, (2) Giza, (3) Sharkya, (4) Gharbya, (5) Alexandria, (6) Minufia, (7) Suez, (8) Port Said, (9) BaniSouef, (10) Sohag, (11) Minya, and (12) Qena.
Results realized:
(1) workers’ leaders are engaged in direct dialogue and negotiations with board members of factories and public companies and/ government representatives to have fair policies regarding working conditions, and wages
(2) Peaceful methods are adopted in solving workers’ disputes with government and boards of their companies;
(3) ten networks for workers’ rights are actively engaged in advocating better wages, better work conditions and improved freedom of association act; and
(4) five legal clinics for female workers are established and provide victims with legal aid and legal counseling.

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