El MAhrousa participates in the Euromed summit held in Italy from 17 to19 Dec 2018

El MAhrousa participates in the Euromed summit held in Italy from 17 to19 Dec 2018

Today Dec 17, Al Mahrousa foundation for Development and participation participates in the Euromed Summit of the Economic and social Councils and similar institutions held in Turin, Italy from 17 till 19 December 2018 to discuss and learn the experiences of the EU and South Mediterranean countries in addressing the issues and challenges of the labor market and economic growth, especially the relation between vocational education and training and the issues of unemployment and labor market requirements which currently focuses on high professional skills, quality in services provision and creative entrepreneurial thinking in business management.
Hany Ibrahim the director of Al Mahrousa states that the summit focuses on the contribution of civil society organizations in studying and analyzing market trends, how to upgrade vocational training programs and entrepreneurship programs to be presented to policy and decision-makers to include them in their national policies. And that the overall goal is to create more job opportunities and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurship and for economic growth based on social stability.

After the end of the summit, Al Mahrousa will reflect this experience as its Department for Economic and Social Development will organize a series of activities on how economic growth can be inclusive and how civil society organizations can design and implement training programs to change the stereotyping and negativity of vocational jobs as well strengthening the policy frameworks for entrepreneurship especially for, Youth and women.

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