Advocating Rights of Migrants and Refugees in Egypt

Advocating Rights of Migrants and Refugees in Egypt

ElMahrousa PDS led a successful initiative focusing on Syrian, African and Iraqi migrants and refugees who live in Egypt legally or illegally in order to advocate the rights of those targeted groups to have social, health and educational services, to have legal status, to be protected in their workplaces. Advocating for stopping Egypt’s grey policy regarding refugees and asylum seekers which don’t deport illegal migrants and refugees but also not giving them a legal status in the country. The initiative also targeted associations having Egyptian and foreign migrants to develop them to be collectively organized and act collectively for getting the social and economic rights for foreign migrants.
The action was in collaboration with Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, Ministry of Interior Affairs, NFETU: the National Federation for Egyptian Trade Unions, The National Center for Human Rights (NCHR) and Nor Baldna Center for Development
March 2013 – self fund

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